Europa, terra di estranei

Author: Ash Amin | Editor: Mimesis, 2016

“Europe, a land of strangers” can be considered the book of maturity of Ash Amin: it reflects the vast area of ​​themes that over time he has faced with an approach that breaks down every disciplinary fence. The book deals with topics that often intersect (the city, the role of biopolitics, the nature and the weight of social bonds) and that however, according to a logical development, lead to progressively clarify the possibility of realizing – even in a context such as current characterized by racism, discrimination and stigmatization – new forms of collaboration and solidarity among strangers. Not new communities founded on identity and strong ties but mutual acceptance between different and indifference for differences. After reading Amin’s book, it is difficult not to reconsider his beliefs about society and contemporary politics. In this is the strength of this volume.